March 29, 2010

-$u. (:

Let us all start off new;
My name is Sully, but call mehh Su. (: Kapeesh? I am an 8th grader & I will be in high school in a few months from now. Ooh! Growing up is scary. Mhm., So my best friend in the whole world is Destiny. She is actually more of a sister since I tell her everything & anything. :D I'm taken by Dylan. Well, he is my best friend and my boyfriend at the same time. Our relationship is really cool to mehh. (: I am 13 years old. Wow, you can call mehh the biggest weirdo in the universe! In fact, let mehh tell you an example... Dylan, Destiny, & I cant wait for summer. Why, you may ask? We have got lots of fun things to do in the summer. One of them include:

  • Go to my house dressed up as hippies & start dancing in the streets to hippie music such as, 'Lucy in the Sky' by The Beatles, 'Underwear' by The Magnetic Fields or 'That's it For the Other One' by The Grateful Dead. My name is, Dawn. Destiny is Sunshine & Dylan is Rain. I might also invite my other friends to join along and stuff. When a car passes by we would walk off to the sidewalk & go 'Awh, man!' When it leaves we be like, 'Woo!' dancing once again.

Hmm, I could be weirder if you may ask. Ah! I can tell you I get distracted easily or stare off in space & think of the most randomest thingies on Earth. Ostriches. See!? There I go! My two favorite singers is Skye Sweetnam & Ida Maria.

Skye Sweetnam & Ida Maria (from top to bottom)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicIda Maria
Yep, Well. That's mehh. I'll type later. For now, I got to skidaddle!
Later Alligator.

17 flying tacos. :P:

ellie said...

love the underwear song. cool update.

Anonymous said...

-cute blog,
awesome music taste (:

PhilO♥ said...

You posted after so long :)
Glad you're back!
How have you been?

Anonymous said...

Ida Maria sings one of the best songs ever! Keep Me Warm. Have you heard it? :P

ellie said...

Hey, i haven't heard from you in forever.

spiceyshrimp said...

Hi(: my names jessie, im about to start highschool, too, and i really like your blog. im kind of new to blog spot, and i'm trying to get some followers, it would be a lot of help if you could follow my blog. thank you(:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Fresh Year[url=],[/url] one! :)

Unknown said...

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keep blogging

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